Professional advanced training course for pasta makers – Pasta University

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The course is a benchmark for pasta makers, entrepreneurs, chefs and pasta lovers, a robust and avant-garde business with the aim of training all those who wish to learn and deepen their knowledge of this science in its various forms, fresh and dry artisan, stuffed or otherwise, packaged or frozen, with the goal of transforming a passion into a profession.

With reference to the COVID-19 situation currently present in Italy, we inform all customers that we have introduced all the precautionary measures to prevent contagion from COVID-19. All environments are completely and constantly sanitized and certified, the staff will keep the work tools sanitized and will supervise that everyone uses the personal protective equipment delivered by us at each entrance (mask, gloves, disinfectant, temperature control).
At the time of registration – check-in at our office, it will be mandatory to present the Green pass or an antigenic pad made within 48 hours prior to the start of the course.


Friday 24/11/2023 Duration: 5 days 0 available places
Friday 12/01/2024 Duration: 5 days 0 available places
Friday 15/03/2024 Duration: 5 days 0 available places
Friday 24/05/2024 Duration: 5 days 0 available places
Friday 20/09/2024 Duration: 5 days 6 available places
Friday 22/11/2024 Duration: 5 days 8 available places


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